The 3 Stages Of Professional Asbestos Removal

Do you believe you have discovered asbestos at your work site? Unfortunately, this is still a common problem throughout the country. With so many people dying from asbestos-related conditions on an annual basis, it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to remove the asbestos before continuing with your work. The best way to do this is to contact the professionals at an asbestos removal and demolition company like, which is located in Brisbane.

asbestos removal

When working with professional asbestos removal services you can rest assured that you’ll be back to work in a timely manner. The asbestos will be completely removed and disposed of properly so that no lives are put in danger. Following is an outline of the removal process.

  1. Contact And InspectionIf you believe that you’ve spotted asbestos, then the first step is to contact a removal company. They will visit the worksite and inspect the area in question. If it is believed to be asbestos, then they will perform testing on a sample to ensure completely accurate results. From there they move forward with the removal of all contaminated building materials.
  1. Removal And DisposalThe removal stage constitutes the bulk of the process. It could range anywhere from a single day to several weeks depending on the size and scope of the project. Even at its longest, it is still much faster and more effective than attempting to handle the problem yourself. They also have the advantage of using commercial equipment designed specifically for the job at hand.

    Removal is only half of the equation. The asbestos building material must also be properly disposed of. Professional removal services will disposal of all materials in approved dumping sites. Once there, they can be later destroyed. With the conclusion of this stage, the asbestos is entirely removed from the work site and it is safe for contractors to return.

  1. Replacement ServicesJust because the asbestos is gone doesn’t mean the removal company has to leave. Most will offer replacement services for building materials that were lost during the removal process. For example, if gutter or roofing material was lost they may replace and install those materials. The specifics of this stage will need to be discussed with the removal company.

Asbestos removal services remain a necessary part of society as long as buildings with this hazardous material still exist. Luckily, the process is efficient and can be completed in as little as three stages. Then you and your workers can return to the job with complete peace of mind.